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Tale Feathers

Tale Feathers

Have you noticed that dogs, cats, and teddy bears get all the attention in kids' books? I have, and while I love these furry creatures, I've made it my mission to give our feathered friends the spotlight they so rightly deserve.

And so Tale Feathers was born, a special collection of 12 stories for kids with birds as their heroes. I just can't get enough of my favorite feathery goofballs.

What's more, these books teach important lessons in entertaining beak-sized bites. Remember to say thank you when someone does something nice for you, know who you are—rather than what you look like—is what makes you special, appreciate love, friendship, and beauty where ever you can find it, and enjoy the simple bliss of being a kid.

This 26,000-word collection is perfect to read with children aged 5-8, and it now includes edits from six-year-old author-in-training, Pixie Katz, to make it even more special… Enjoy!

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